Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Another fine day

if  somewhat chilly in the Easterly wind.

We left the cottage in brilliant sunshine. When we reached the bailey bridge, MWNN turned right to walk the inland trail. Ron and I turned left across the bridge to walk our usual route to Walberswick Harbour.

It was such lovely weather, so we didn't stop at the bench beside the Ferry station (the season begins on Saturday, with weekend crossings until full weeks in June/)

We carried on past East Pont where Walberswick's builder, Wally Webb is remembered,

across Wally's bridge  over the Dunwich River, (saved from demolition by Wally and his brother)

through the sand dunes,

and onto Walberswick beach.

Ron doesn't like shingle, it's hard on his paws, so we waved at the Lifeboat Museum, across the estuary in Southwold and headed back to the cottage,

From the beach at Walberswick, there are lovely views of the marshes and the collection of cottages in the Harbour.

East Point,

The Boat House,

and The Studio

From Walberswick Harbour cottages, there are lovely views of Southwold, including the huge crane that is working on the Adnams' brewery site.

The season is early this year. Ron and I met a man who was checking the matting put down to help the amphibians hibernate safely. He had found a few lizards on the move. We both agreed it was due to the mild winter and lack of hard frosts.

There is a sizable colony of  Little Terns who have already started nesting, on both sides of the river, along with the skylarks.

Walberswick is a fascinating, secluded village

We've certainly enjoyed the sunshine this week. Tomorrow promises to be the best day of all, if this evening's sunset is anything to go by,

Until then, it's goodnight from Blackshore cottage overlooking the pontoon moorings' lights.

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