Thursday, 17 March 2016

Best day of the week

Daffodils on the sea wall

for hours of sunshine.

Ron and I headed to Southwold beach, shortly after lunch today. MWNN was having a post-lunch nap.

Blackshore cottage is a few yards from the Harbour Inn/

I thought I might stop for a half of cider on the way back, and contemplate what it must have been like on the night of the great flood of 1953.

The first of the purveyors of fresh fish, is a little further along the quayside/

There's the Harbour Master's office overlooking the river Blyth.

He assured me earlier this week that there was no forecast of a surge tide.

The Harbour cafe has re-opened after the refurbishment of its kitchen floor.

Yes, the sky was really that blue.

Further along is the very fashionable fish restaurant (lunches only). It's a good idea to book at the weekend,

The restaurant is attached to my favourite purveyor of fish, who wields a mighty filleting blade with consummate skill.

We went out onto the Foot Ferry pontoon to take a photo of the Walberswick side (The Boathouse) from Southwold.

There's a long stretch of the quay, beyond the pontoon, cordoned off for dredging and pile replacing.

Beyond that, we come to the caravan park on the Southwold side of the quay road, and the RNLI station  opposite, at the harbour entrance.,

From the sea defence wall, there are some good views across the marsh to Southwold Town. There is a network of footpaths that cross the marshes. The one leading to Southwold is part of the Sandlings walk.

Across the car park next to the RNLI station, is the Alfred Corey Lifeboat Museum.

From the sand dunes behind the museum is this great view of Southwold's Lighthouse.

I'd promised Ron a spot of beach-combing, so resisted the temptation of a sit down and have a cup of tea at the car park kiosk. Ron mooched about in the dunes and came out holding a red rubber ball.

I threw it a few times and then,

mindful that he's prone to swallowing the sand, put it in my pocket.

He promptly joined a couple who were throwing a ball for their collie-cross, stole their ball, and brought it to me,

It was tempting to stay on the beach a little longer, but I knew it was  a long way back, I'd bought scones for tea and knew I wouldn't get de-caf at the kiosk, We said farewell to the sea and sand and made our way back to Blackshore.

MWNN had the tea made just as we arrived back, An hour's walk in the sunshine was good - and I'm sure I said good afternoon to Paul Heinney near the boatyard.