Monday, 14 March 2016

Already feeling better

and fitter.

The past two mornings have begun with a walk along the coastal path, which is rght outside the holiday cottage at Blackshore.  

A short walk takes you to the bailey bridge (disused railway line), that crosses the river Blyth to the Walberswick side of the estuary.

From there, it's half a mile or so to the foot ferry at  Walberswick Harbour.

There's not much at Walberswick Harbour any more,

unlike Southwold Hrbour, where there's a working boatyard, chandlers, moorings, the Harbour Master's Station, a cafe, fish restaurant and fresh fish sellers, as well as the Harbour Inn.

The views from the path are spectacular. Returning to the bridge, you can see the Reydon Marshes with Quay House (built 1929) in a prominent position.

My favourite view is of this disused windmilll on  the marshes beside the River Blyth,

Ron likes this walk almost as much as he enjoys playing on the beach, On our last visit, he discovered an animal trail (or nest) in the river bank. He likes investigating the undergrowth each time we pass it. On the return walk, I allow him to paddle along the edge of the river overflow, while I stay on the bank above.

Looking towards the bridge from Walberswick Harbour

MWNN prefers to stroll, whereas Ron and I like to crack along at a brisk pace. From the cottage to the far side of the bridge and back was enough for MWNN in this morning's stiff, icy, breeze. Convalescence is proceeding well in the dry, sunny weather we're having.

We headed into town to buy bread and then on to Wrentham to buy MWNN some T-shirts. Lunch was at The Sole Bay Inn, where MWNN had his first half of Soutwold Bitter this season and I had my first half of Aspall's cider.

Then it was back to the cottage for a nap

and afternoon tea in the conservatory.