Sunday, 31 July 2016

A couple of days

relaxing on the boat.

Part 1

The environment is glorious.

The weather was warm, cloudy at times and breezy.

Ron got to do lots of terrier-type exploring, more often than at home.

He was a bit miffed at not being allowed to go for a swim in his private pool,

He would definitely not have been welcomed by the Swan family.

I found lots more flora and fauna that I haven't often seen before.

They're relatively common, but I've never seen a Ringlet butterfly in the wild before

I had quite a bit of trouble photographing it at first,

I'd also never seen a Teasel in flower before. They're very pretty.

Poor man's orchid is becoming quite a problem along canal and river banks.

Woody Nightshadem although not as dangerous as Deadly Nightshade, is poisonous,

as is Ragwort.

It causes liver damage to grazing animals. Despite this, the cattle kept beside the lake,  are in a field full of the stuff.

Another deceptively attractive plant is Bryony. All parts of this plant are highly toxic. A lethal dose for a child, is just 15 berries.

A gentler plant, one that my father used to recommend for sprains and bruiises, is White Comfrey. It can also be used in an infusion, as an expectorant