Thursday, 26 November 2015


Today, MWNN and I were giving thanks for another day of peace and relaxation, away from the industrial drying machines at home.

An outing to Southwold Common provided the much-needed, chasing-the-ball exercise for Ron.

We didn't want to waste the lovely weather, so cut the exercise short and went into town for provisions.

We had planned to eat at The Crown, but wanted a longer walk, We drove back to the cottage, stashed the provisions in the fridge, and strolled up the estuary to the beach.

By the time we'd allowed Ron a frolic with new doggie chums on the beach, it was getting late. It was almost Low Tide and the sun was dropping. We'd missed the chance of eating at the Sole Bay Fish Restaurant, so entered the Harbour Cafe for the third time in as many days.

There was no hot food to be had, so we settled for tea and home-baked fruit scones.

This is the last evening at the Blackshore cottage,

I shall miss the view from my bedroom window, but look forward to being able to shop without needing the car.

Tomorrow, we take up residence in the town centre, right beside Southwold Lighthouse,  just a few yards from Adnams Brewery and shop.

It's right beside one of our favourite, dog-friendly, eating-houses - the Sole Bay Inn (another Adnams' pub).

A few yards away is North Cliff Promenade.

There's  few more days in this lovely retreat, with fresh air and exercise, will leave us in a better state to face the hard work needed to restore the house to order.

Saturday is the Christmas Lights switch-on in Southwold. Having missed it in Hitchin, I am looking forward to the festivities.