Friday, 27 November 2015

Changeover Day

Today, we moved from the cottage beside the Blyth, to one in a central position in town.

St James' Green is a few minutes walk to the town centre and even less to the promenade. Our cottage is the one painted oale blue, on the row once named St James' Terrace.

We settled in this morning and, after a brief rest from all the packing and un-packing, headed out to the Sole Bay Inn for lunch. There wasn't a table available, so we walked Ron to the Promenade.

A few short minutes found us outside the Lord Nelson Inn. It too was thronging, but there were a couple of bench tables available in the rear room.

Between us and an available table stood

a real, live Pirate,

He turned out to be harmless, and we settled into our seats to peruse the menu,

MWNN chose tai green curry. I opted for fish and chips.

Like most of the Adnams' pubs we've visited the Lord Nelson is very dog-friendly.

I spread my coat on the bench beside me and lifted Ron up so that he could see what was going on in the busy bar,

Soon after we had sat down, we were joined by two young women and a child. Ron's attention was caught by a promising-sounding bag, out of which a box appeared. The box contained a kit of some sort, which the child started to unpack.

Throughout our meal, Ron ignored all offers of fresh cod chunks, and watched as the child started to decorate the 'nodding puppy' she'd assembled.

I've swapped my bedroom view of the estuary for this one of Southwold's Lighthouse.

Although smaller than the Blackshore cottage, the location of St James' Terrace allows us to park the car outside and not have to move it again until we go home.

Tomorrow promises to be a fne day and there will be lots happening in the streets in celebration of the swirching-on of the Christmas Lights.