Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Another good day

in Southwold, today.

It was a beautiful, sunny day that could not be wasted indoors. We walked to the beach and along the shoreline for about 30 mins. Then we turned into the biting wind and headed back to the cottage.

The view across the Blyth to Walberswick was crisp and clear, with not a cloud in the sky.

We stopped at the Harbour Cafe for lunch again. There were five other dogs inside, but Ron behaved impeccably thoiughout the meal. Cottage Pie with seasonal vegetables for MWNN and fish cakes and chips for me, Poor Ron was very sausage deprived.

After a rest in the cottage, we drove into town through a heavy rainstorm. The artisan baker had no bread, so I had to buy the only loaf left (seeded granary) at the English baker's.

The rain stopped soon after we returned to the cottage,

and a lovely sunset appeared from beneath the rain clouds.

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