Tuesday, 24 November 2015


We're back in Southwold, avoiding the continuing noise and heat from four sets of drying machines. The monitor reading taken yesterday morning, showed that progress is being made, but not enough to have the machines withdrawn. A new monitor date was set for 2nd December,

We packed the car and headed back to the peace and quiet of the Blackshore cottage,

From the sitting room window, we look across the front porch terrace, to the harbour.

The forecast for today was for lots of rain. We took advantage of a break in the clouds to take a walk to the beach. On the way back, we stopped at the Harboour Cafe for a late lunch.

Dogs welcome, said the notice, so in we went. I dried the worst of the mud off Ron's legs and we made ourselves comfortable at a large table in front of the wood burning stove.

MWNN ordered the all day breakfast and a latte, while I opted for bacon baps and a pot of tea.

The food was good (and very reasonably priced), the place was warm, and, best of all, Ron got his own sausage, because MWNN didn;t like the tough skins.

The Harbour Cafe is comfortable and unpretentious, with a warm welcome for walkers and their dogs.

A few minutes stroll, past the Harbour Master;s Office, and we were back to the peace of the Blackshore cottage,