Sunday, 15 November 2015

Southwold Day 4 and 5

Day 4, Saturday 14th 

During an anxious night of high water and flood defences, the Harbour Master was on duty until well after midnight.

MWNN was up early the following morning, to retrieve the car and remove the front door flood gate.

Our visitors (TheD and SiL ) arrived just before 11 am, having taken part in the Ipswich Park Run. They showered, had a late brunch, and we  headed into town.

It rained solidly throughout the rest of the day on Saturday, so there was no outing for Ron. MWNN's cold got heavier, but he gallantly ate a dinner of Suffolk pork chop with cauliflower and broccoli mash.

Day 5, Sunday 15th Nov

The SiL was up early and out for a 15 mile run along the coastal path from Southwold to Dunwich. After a hearty breakfast, he and TheD left for home.

MWNN's cold was no better, so I harnessed Ron up and took him down to the beach,

Storm Adelaide had been replaced by hurricane Kate. The waves were up, but, despite the strong winds, it was mild.

It was coming up to high tide. The flooding of Friday night had seen many boats seek shelter in the harbour, Most were still safely tied up on Sunday.

This one was beside the RNLI office.

Ron was keen to play.

Again, we strolled towards Gun Hill. Unlike Friday, the beach was busy with many families and their dogs.

Ron attached himself to one group, joining in the game of retrieve the skimming stones with the motley canine gang (mainly terriers, very like Ron).

Ron had such a good time.

Size doesn't matter.

Which one is Ron?

Speed does.

Ron was reluctant to end the game, and was in danger of disappearing with the group,who were leaving the beach.

Eventually, he realised I wasn't following the group, and rejoined me, I rewarded him with a game of fetch the champagne cork from the river, on the way back to the cottage.