Saturday, 28 November 2015

Advent festivities

begin today in Southwold.

We took advantage of the sunny weather to walk before lunching at Coasters.

St James' Green

MWNN collected a parcel from the Post Office, and we bought bread and mince pies from Two Magpies Bakery, before setting off for a stroll along the beach.

The weather was kind for 28th November. There were lots of family groups with children and dogs enjoying the beach.

This family owned two Rhodesian Ridegbacks, who greeted Ron very gently.

MWNN walked on, while I chatted to the woman who owned the dogs (and the boy-children). I caught up with  MWNN just past Suzies's Beach Cafe, which is experimenting this year and opening at weekends until the New Year. We sat for a while, with a latte and cappuccino, watching the promenaders until the clouds rolled over the sun.

The weather has been really kind to us again. All along the cliff, there are clumps of  Erigeron Glaucus Sea Breeze flowers still in bloom. There are even some red-hot-pokers in flower in some walled gardens

We passed the Sailors' Reading Rooms on the way back to Lighthouse View. This evening, there will be ghost stories by candlelight, in the grand old Victorian Tradition.

Back in the cottage (blue one, with the Berlingo outside), we're checking Coasters' lunch menu. Table is booked for 1.30 - dogs welcome.