Tuesday, 8 September 2015

New Kitchen Days 3 and 4

After the mess left by the plasterers, it was with pleasure that we had the fitters from Wymondley Flooring in to prepare and lay the vinyl flooring in the kitchen/utility.

We went from this

via levelling and beautiful boarding,

to this,

with no mess, or fuss.

Kitchen looking into utility .

The floor is level, straight, and without a join in the doorway into the utility room.

We've used Wymondley Flooring before and always had excellent service and workmanship from them.

I'm hoping that repairs can be done to the shower and utility room walls, without compromising the new floor.

We now wait for the delivery of the new kitchen units on Saturday, trying to work out where to create space for the boxes to be stored. The fitters are due next Monday to start the fit-out. When the units are in place, the Corian people will come and make a template for the worksurfaces. These should be ftted a week later. After that the template for the glass splashback will be made.

We hope that the whole project will be finished by the end of the month. Then we prepare to have the sitting and dining rooms re-floored (parquet), along with the hall, stairs, and landing (carpet).