Thursday, 3 September 2015

New kitchen - Day Two

And lo, the plasters did arrive early in the morning and left late in the afternoon.

Our schedule stated that they would be working through to Saturday, but, as the day wore on, they said they would be finished by the end the day.

They mixed the plaster out in the yard to 'save the house from more dust', We mentioned that we both had medical conditions.

What they didn't do, was put dust sheets over the kitchen and utility room floor, so every time someone went through to fill a kettle in the utility room, plaster migrated on their feet.

We're finding it on the carpets throughout the house, and in the front porch area.

They 'worked until late (just after 5pm.) and we made the mistake of not supervising the clear-up . When they heard that we were having new flooring laid, they obviously thought it was not worth their while cleaning the floor.

But they had  no such excuse for leaving the back yard like this

or this.

Nor can I see the reasoning that led to this hole in the ceiling above the boiler. Admittedly, the pipes will be boxed in, but why the gaping hole?

After the great work by the electricians, yesterday, to say I'm disappointed is an understatement. I'm extremely annoyed that we have been left with a major clean-up job before the lino fitter arrives on Monday. We were looking forward to a few peaceful days of rest,

There is also the little matter of the diswasher which was put into the utility room instead of outside the house with the other rubbish. The plasterers said they would put it out in the yard on the trolly, so that we could wheel it round to the front garden. It's still in the utility room, covered in plaster stains.