Saturday, 18 October 2014

Day 1

shadowing TheD on her 184 mile run.

The link to Garmin tracker was in my inbox before I started breakfast at 8am.

By the time I'd finished breakfast and was back in my room, TheD had completed over 7 miles and was navigating her way through the lakes 17 miles west of Lechlade.

SIL took part in a parkrun in Oxford, and, by 11am, we were having morinng tea in The Swan Hotel.

View of Lechlade moorings, from The Thames Path

Just before TheD arrived for a late(ish) lunch, I took a walk in the Riverside Park Lechlade.

The footpath here is part of the Thames Path.

There was a gypsy caravan of the old-fashioned variety in the car park. As I crossed the fields to the footpath, I cam across this poor fellow, tethered and alone apart from a half-full water bucket.


I then set off for the next destination point on the journey, stopping briefly for a light lunch.

By the time I reached my hotel in Oxford, TheD had arrived, muddy, but safe, at the Swan.

After the game

From my hotel window, I can look directly into Oxford United's pitch.

Despite the proximity of the stadium, there was no noise in my room before, during, or after the match

I wonder why the floodlights are on?

Pity I can't see either goalpost.

Tomorrow I am on tracking-duty again. I will have to stay in the hotel as my smartphone isn't able to connect to the website without wifi for some unknown reason. (Yes, I have data-enabled)