Sunday, 19 October 2014

Late Lunch

with TheD after her 37 mile run today.

Garmin tracker at Sandford Lock

The Garmin tracking lost the signal for a huge chunk of the trail, but was OK for the last few miles around Oxford.

I spotted her jogging to Sandford Lock crossing, on the opposite bank of the river from The Four Pillars Hotel.

From there it was a long walk back along the opposite side of the river to the hotel's drive.

She checked in to the hotel just after 15.30 and asked for a pint of ale and a pint of soda water with lime wedges.

We had a leisurely lunch in the bar in front of the fire.

I'd been at the hotel since 14.00 and was ready for some food. While I waited, I'd done a little knitting, checked the Garmin, and wandered the grounds.

They're very beautiful (anywhere near a river is beautiful in my opinion).

There was a wedding ceremony scheduled for 14.00 in the riverside gazebo. The Bride was a little late and it can't have been nice for the guests sitting waiting because there was a very stiff wind blowing up the river.

The Bride finally arrived and the ceremony began.

I'm looking forward to a meal at The Beetle and Wedge tomorrow evening, with TheD, SIL, and MWNN.