Sunday, 13 July 2014

The front garden

is almost finished.

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I added some alpines (Sempervivum and Sedum) yesterday in a lovely half-priced terracotta pot.

They need a sunny spot so there is some discussion about where to site them.

Summer sun at about 3.30pm Click for larger size.

I favour the front of the garden, where they will get morning and late afternoon sun. MWNN wants the pot near the house.

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I also planted a Sedum and a Dianthus  in the front end of the retaining wall, hoping that the creeping sedum will creep over the unsighly broken bricks.

This Sedum has different coloured flowers. I suspect they are red, (very evident) white, (some evidence) and blueish-purple.

Click for larger size.

The pots beside the front door are looking wonderful.

All that is needed to finish the makeover is more shingle to cover the bare patches and a regular blitz on the weeds that keep popping up.