Friday, 4 July 2014

Getting there- slowly

but ye gads, it's hard work.

Just like narrowboating.

We went to view a potential new mooring for our narrowboat, yesterday.

It's in a beautiful location - great for dog-walking and with all the services we'd need for getting the boat back into good shape.

The moorings were built in about 2007, on one of a series of lakes in Northamptonshire. Blackthorn Lake has direst access to the river Nene and, unlike other moorings  along the river, uses floating pontoons. Best news of all is that each pontoon is 70ft long. We haven't had a pontoon that was more than half our boat's length in the 14 years she's been in France.

Bonus points awarded for the fact that there is direct footpath access to Stanwick Lakes, 750 acres of SSI nature reserve.

Woodford Tea Rooms was recommended as a good lunch spot but we opted for lunch at the Axe and Compass. MWNN really enjoyed his pint of EPA.

The thought of repatriating the boat is  beginning to have its effect. Things are looking brighter.