Monday, 4 August 2014

They'll be home by Christmas

Well, they weren't.

And too many of them never came home.

Poppies in an English Field

Remembering my grand-uncles who served in the Great War.

Those who never came home.

Thomas Harding Nothing can be found about where he served or where and when he died. Family legend says he was killed in action.

Poizieres Memorial

James Alfred Ryder, Lance Corporal MM (2nd /6th Manchester Regiment). Volunteered August 1914.  Awarded Military Medal for carrying messages under shellfire at Poelcapelle, October 1917.  Killed in action, 21st March 1918, Fervaque Farm.

Commemorated at Poizieres.

Those who returned.

George Elphick (King's Liverpool Regiment) Volunteered January 1915. Severely wounded during the first Somme offensive, Ocotber 1916. Discharged as unfit for further service, January 1917.

Stanley Elphick. Volunteered August 1914. Trained with 11th Cavalry Hussars. Discharged as unfit in October 1915.

William Mooney, acting Sergeant (13th Manchester Regiment). Enlisted October 1914. Posted to France, September, 1915. Posted to Salonica, November 1915. Served in Salonica until 1918. Posted to France, June, 1918 as part of 66th Division which had suffered great losses in the March - June fighting. Wounded October 10th 1918 (Battle of Cambrai) Discharged June 1919.

James Mooney (East Lancs. Company). Volunteered  March 1915. posted to Royal Engineers J Depot Company. Served on the Home Front as as a saddler. Discharged November 1918, medically unfit (asthma).