Sunday, 13 October 2013

How very fitting

We have settled into The Headmaster's House in time for MWNN's birthday today.

We left Hayler's Retreat at North Walsham, yesterday, just after my boots were delivered from home by Sue, the owner of Hayler's Retreat. We stopped for lunch at The Olive Tree, the on-site restaurant. Neither of us wanted a large lunch, so we both opted for a starter - mushrooms with blue cheese sauce on toasted loaf for MWNN, and toasted goat's cheese salad for me. Both starters were, as we had suspected, substantial enough for a lunchtime meal.

As we neared Southwold, the sky lifted and, by the time we had unpacked at The Headmaster's House, the sun was out. We headed to the beach and gave Ron a short walk on a section that wasn't covered by the tide. The breakers were impressive, the ones nearest the pier crashing over the sea wall.

Later this morning, we are going to try the bread from the newly-opened artisan bakery in Southwold - The Two Magpies, for breakfast. This evening, we'll celebrate MWNN's birthday with a home-cooked meal and some good wine.

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