Monday, 14 October 2013

Big seas, big skies, and big winds

for MWNN's birthday, yesterday.

Big seas, big skies, big winds

That did not deter us from an hour's walk with Ron on our favourite beach.

As we neared Gunn Hill Beach Cafe, it began to rain. We took shelter from both wind and rain under the beach cafe's canopy and enjoyed a welcome mug of tea. There were plenty of people out and about, and the usual collection of dogs enjoying the sea and sand.

Beach Hut party

The rain had cleared by the time we'd finished our tea so we strolled on towards the pier.

MWNN shared his birthday with at least one person in Southwold. There was a party in full swing as we passed this beach hut.

I was having trouble from my Brasher socks which were slipping off my feet in my Wellingtons. Eventually, my feet started complaining as each sock formed a lump beneath my soles. We turned around and headed back to the car.

Clouds over the town

Very soon, the sky turned black over the town so we picked up the pace to avoid the next shower.

Sunshine on the water

It was definitely a morning of contrasts with glorious skies and seascapes.

As MWNN said (misquoting Wainwright)  'there is no bad weather, only bad clothing. We were both wearing our wet-weather gear and were toasty warm. My socks were my 'unsuitable' item of clothing.

Earlier that morning, MWNN had driven into town to buy bread from the Two Magpies bakery. He brought back a really fresh (still hot) ciabatta loaf for breakfast. It was fabulous - great texture, great crust, great taste. We had some at lunch and more with dinner (instead of rice).

Two Magpies Bread

MWNN also bought fruit scones from Two Magpies bakery. We shared one (they are huge and very filling) for afternoon tea. We could have had a takeaway cream tea but that would have been a little too much for a day filled with celebration food.

For dinner, I cooked chicken breasts in cream of asparagus, with mushrooms in the slow cooker. With it, there was a French White reserve wine from the owners of The Headmaster's House, and Lansom Rose champagne.