Sunday, 20 October 2013

Duvet Day

for me, yesterday, until lunch at 1.30pm.

I spent my duvet time tracking  The Daughter on her first attempt at  Rowbotham's Round Rotherham 50miles Trail Race. 

MWNN walked Ron on the nearby recreation ground and then drove into town to buy some provisions. He phoned for suggestions and I forgot to add some essentials to my order for a beef brisket from the local butcher and some mixed vegetables and new potatoes for steaming from Tesco Express.

There has been a Butcher's shop in the premises in Southtwold's Market
Place since 1684. Formerly owned by the Hutson Family (since the early 1950s), it was bought earlier in October of this year by the Mills family.

After lunch, we visited the shop again to buy extra meat for the evening meal.

Focus Organic

By 2.30pm it was raining steadily. MWNN suggested a trip to Halesworth to see if the Organic shop stocked the Clipper Organic De-caf tea. It did. We also snagged a vacuum flask for MWNN in a charity shop and several items we needed at The Headmaster's House from the hardware shop.

Back to the Headmaster's House, and back to tracking The Daughter. Just over 10 hours into the race, at Checkpoint 7, and with just 4km to go, she looked remarkably fresh.

MWNN and I had afternoon tea, sharing a slice of Two Magpies Bakery's Raspberry and Limoncello Sponge cake. Then  MWNN had a short nap while I continued the tracking exercise. She won't thank me for sharing this, but this is what The Daughter looked like having completed 50miles of racing cross-country. 

 Finisher's certificate -  official time of 11:30 - bloody outstanding!

After fifteen minutes or so, this picture was posted on Twitter. Official finishing time of 11 hours 30 mins including Pit Stops).  The commitment and discipline required for such an achievement is inspirational.  I know I couldn't have done even a smidgen of this while I was working full-time and managing the home.
Change your thoughts and you change your world. Norman Vincent Peale

We felt rather guilty tucking into a dinner of smoked bacon, chipolata sausages, lamb chop, tomatoes, scrambled eggs, and ciabatta having not raced 50 miles earlier in the day.