Saturday, 19 October 2013

Another fine day

in and around Southwold, yesterday.

It began with a leisurely breakfast, then heading out just after 10am as the morning mist was clearing. First up was a walk down Shepherds' Lane beside St Felix School,  to the series of foopaths around the Southwold and District Freshwater Angling Preservation Society's Lakes. Ron had a lengthy game of chase. Then it was time to hit the beach for a good long rest.

It became quite hot as we were sitting outside 'Elizabeth' (The Radcliffe Arms' beach hut) and I was soon stripped down to shirt sleeves. MWNN kept his coat on despite the warm sunshine.

Two fishermen were line fishing on the shore. One caught a large sea bass which he gutted and de-scaled on the beach. He told Ron, rather firmly, that there was nothing for sharing.

Just like it had on Thursday, the light was changing rapidly as the clouds rolled across the sun. The beach became sparsely populated as lunchtime approached.

By 1.15pm, I was ready to eat. We drove into town, parked in The Crown Hotel's car park, and were shown to a table for two in the bar/dining room.

The Crown Hotel is owned by Adnams, the local brewery. It's a non-mucked-about-with establishment serving the best of Adnams' ales and sparkling wines. (The food ain't bad, either.)

We each chose a starter to eat for lunch. Once again, we were glad we made that decision - the portions are large in these here parts. Pork Rillettes with salad garnished with pork crackling for MWNN and Croque Monsieur for me.

After such a satisfying lunch, we both decided we needed a nap. I bought some Fougasse and two slices of Victoria Sponge (topped with fresh strawberry and square of bakery-branded chocolate) from Two Magpies Bakery (next door to The Crown) and we headed back to the Headmaster's House.

Two Magpies Bakery Chocolate square

After a long nap and another outing for Ron, supper was a light meal of soup, Fougasse, and Cropwell Bishop Stilton. I ended the meal with tea and Victoria Sponge. Then a quick, combined effort vacuuming the house and we were ready for bed.

Another fine day in and around Southwold.