Monday, 21 October 2013

A sunny Sunday in

Southwold Walberswick.

Yesterday began with most inauspicious weather - it was chucking down. Then, just as I'd finished preparing the slow-cooked brisket of beef for the crock-pot, the sky began to lift.

It was still raining when I bought the bread from Two Magpies Bakery,  Runner-Up in the Observer Food Monthly 2013 awards. It wasn't just rain - it was torrential, blown on gusty winds. The sky was still lifting Southwards so we headed to Walberswick via the Ferry.

Ferry to Walberswick, and the sun.

We reached Southwold Harbour and the sky was clear. It was still raining in Southwold. The Ferryman pointed the boat towards the sunshine and guided her, expertly, using wind and tide to cross the River Blyth in just a few minutes.

Across the Marshes to Walberswick. Little Egret fishing.

Once across, we walked towards the beach, crossing Wally's Bridge on our way to the footpath that runs alongside Walberswick Marshes. Charles Rennie MacIntosh lived at Valley Farm, Walberswick c1914-1915. There, he abandoned architecture and concentrated on painting.

Coastal Path. Returning to Walberswick

We walked a stretch of the Coastal Path, towards Dunwich, for just over 35 mins, then turned back towards the Harbour.

The views from the Path are stunning. Marshland to the West, the sea to the East. It was blustery but mild, sunny, and very enjoyable.

We crossed the Walberswick Marshes via one of the many footpaths and searched for a lunch stop in the Village. The tea shops and Pubs were packed. Most are dog-friendly and it appeared that the world, his wife and children and their dog were out for Sunday lunch.

Same Ferry, different Ferryman.

After a last attempt at The Bell (Sister Inn to Southwold's Harbour Inn), we abandoned the search for food and headed back to the Ferry.

An attempt to buy lunch at the Harbour Cafe proved just as futile. The queue was long and there are no toilet facilities.

Photos of Randolph Hotel, Southwold
This photo of Randolph Hotel is courtesy of TripAdvisor 

Back into Southwold, which was heaving with tourists. Parking is virtually impossible and hunger was really insistent. On our way back to the cottage, we pulled into the car park at The Randolph (our nearest pub). We had a nice lunch of chicken pate (for me) and Sea Bass (for MWNN)

After lunch, we made our way back to our favourite spot on the beach. The clouds had rolled back in and the wind was stronger than ever. After a short time watching the Para-sufers skimming the waves, outrunning the surf-boarder, it began to chill down. We returned to the car and drove back to the cottage.

Fruit tart - berries on a creme Anglaise base

Afternoon tea, with  two delicious fruit tarts from Two Magpies Bakery, provided welcome warmth. Then a doze until it was time for a light dinner - brisket and carrots with ciabatta.

Another good day - lots of sea, sand, and sunshine, with a generous helping of exercise. What more could one want from an October holiday?