Friday, 18 October 2013

Best weather

of the holiday, yesterday.

The day began in brilliant sunshine and a walk from Southwold Pier to the end of the Promenade. By then, I was feeling over-heated and in need of a rest. I removed my cardigan and decided a mug of tea was required to quieten the asthmatic coughing fit,

MWNN joined me at a table at the Gun Hill Beach Kiosk, where he, too, removed a layer and donned his Raybans.

Gun Hill Beach Kiosk Terrace

After a short rest, we made our way back along the beach towards the pier. We'd parked the car there so that we could lunch in the Boating Lakes Cafe.

The weather was perfect for a leisurely stroll, stopping every now and then to greet other dog walkers and families enjoying a day out in Southwold. I stopped to talk to an artist who was struggling to capture the sea and sky in oils. The light was changing so quickly as the sun disappeared behind the clouds and then re-appeared minutes later.

Ron has really got the hang of terrier beach-combing and seems to have accepted that we no longer play 'chase Billy Ball' on the beach. He played with a couple of poodles, chasing them in circles and being chased in return. But it is his love of shallow water that takes precedence over interacting with other dogs or humans.

MWNN chatted with a Dominican nun who was walking along the beach in full habit. I tried to be inconspicuous in taking this photo, making it the last of a series of 'Ron' pictures.

Back at the Pier, we sat for a while on our folding chairs. Ron lay on my lap in his micro-fibre towelling-robe and dozed in the sunshine. As lunchtime approached, we left him in the car and headed to the Boating Lakes' Cafe for a light bite.

I caused a bit of mayhem by throwing the crusts of my smoked ham sandwich to the Little Terns who were waiting on the 'lake' in front of the cafe terrace.

As we were finishing lunch, an elderly woman appeared on the field beside the car park. She was carrying a bag of food which she shook to encourage the ducks to leave the smaller 'lake'. As she emptied the bag, the ducks were joined by Gulls and Terns.

After lunch, we made our way to Southwold Common to give Ron a chase game. There were lots of golfers about and a group of Ramblers participating in a guided circular walk which began at the Boating Lakes.

This low-trunked oak tree has fascinated me for a long time.

The clouds began to thicken and rain threatened, so we packed Ron back into the car and drove to the Smokehouse on Southwold Harbour Quay. I had my eye on a large plaice and a medium Dover Sole from the Sole Bay Fish shop for dinner. The fishmonger was more than willing to demonstrate his prowess at filleting on the plaice. He skinned the Dover Sole for me too.

On the way back to the Headmaster's House, we stopped to buy some orange juice, fresh limes and Adnams 'Pink Fizz' and some heavenly-scented fresias.

And the end of this perfect day - a perfect meal of pan-fried (butter, ginger and lime) fresh Plaice and Dover Sole with brocolli, cauliflower, carrots, and mashed Maris Piper potatoes. Adnams Pink Fizz to drink.