Thursday, 17 October 2013


did not deter us from another enjoyable day in Southwold yesterday.

We left the cosy Headmaster's House late morning. I asked MWNN to park near the pier so that we could make a bolt for the cover of a tearoom and leave Ron in the car, should the heavens open before we finished our walk.

North Road towards Southwold Pier

As the tide was high and the sea-gates in place, we decided to explore the series of footpaths around the Boating Lakes' Cafe. There is a circular walk around the 16 acre site with connections to North Road (private for the stretch leading to the Pier car-park).  North Road leads to Mights Road at Buss Creek Bridge marking the boundary between Reydon and Southwold.

We were lucky, the rain held off, the wind was down and it was mild for our 30min stroll through the marsh and reed beds.

Ron was keeen to investigate several large animal tracks leading into the reeds so we kept him on a long lead. He has been known to disappear for long periods into such terrain - well, he is a terrier.

I decided I wanted to check out the day's catch at the Smokehouse on the Harbour Quayside, so we drove the short distance and parked outside the Harbour Inn. The smokehouse had some very large (unsmoked) plaice for sale so I made a mental note to return and buy fish for Thursday's evening meal.

By now, it was lunch-time, so we settled into the Harbour Inn's Bar, with Ron, and ordered fish and chips. The bar was cosy, the corner stove burning wood and filling the room with the comforting smell of woodsmoke.

We were both a little disappointed with our beer-battered cod - it was overcooked and slightly dry. This is the second time I have had over-cooked fish at the Harbour and I had voiced my concern before we decided to try their fare for lunch.

On the way back home, we stopped at the Hardware Shop and bought a folding drying rack. There was laundry waiting to be done and I don't like using the drying cycle of a domestic washing machine. We also bought additional provisions for dinner and afternoon tea. Bread from 2Magpies Bakery had already been purchased on the way to the beach.

Later in the evening, I joined the Knit Club that meets at Two Magpies Bakery every second Wednesday of the month, 7.30pm.

Refreshments were on offer at 25% discount. Mine was a de-caff capuccino and a white chocolate mouse (with raspberry mouse centre).