Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Different day

in Southwold, yesterday, but just as beneficial, and really colourful.

MWNN  began his day by driving to Lowestoft to wash the Berlingo free of alluvial mud. He then stocked up with supplies for the 'fridge. Meanwhile, I had a late, leisurely, breakfast and did a spot of tidying and vacuuming, and then washed my hair.

A late lunch of beef broth (from the slow-cooked brisket), ciabatta, cheese and tomatoes followed. By then, the morning rain had stopped. It wasn't particularly sunny, but it was very mild, if somewhat blustery. I made two flasks of tea and packed a picnic bag with biscuits, milk, and cups - all ready for a post-walk tea in the car.

We walked on Southwold Common for over an hour. It was hard going at times, with the added hazards of golfers and a warning notice about Adders. As we crossed the golf-course section, I took a shot of a very large mushroom (think it's a juvenile Parasol - thanks Debs for the reminder about the Victorian Vicar who used to go out early every morning and destroy all .. [such] ..fungi in case ladies should be offended.

As we climbed steadily via the gorse-sided path, the views from the pathways changed. There were spectacular views across the marshes to the Harbour and beyond, to Walberswick. The sun was beginning to sink, casting a golden glow on the skyline to match the colours of the gorse.

We swung along to footpath signed to St Felix School (where we'd walked the footpaths leading towards Southwold Common, earlier in the week.) I spotted several different fungi I'd not encountered before.

Anyone have any suggestions as to what these and the previous ones might be?

ETA - Probably the Parasol Mushroom (edible but we weren't taking aby chances)

After our very interesting walk, we had our tea and biscuits overlooking Southwold Pier. We watched the incredible waves (of the great, long, surfing variety) rolling onto the beach. A quick stop at the Bakers to order bread for the rest of the week (they'd run out completely when we tried before the walk).

Home for a short rest, then dinner of the remainder of the slow-cooked brisket and gravy with new potatoes, cauliflower, and broccoli.

Note: All photos taken with Samsung S2 Mobile Phone.