Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Lincolnshire Villages

The next two nights of our motorhome experiment were spent in Great Steeping at a simple but rather lovely site on the edge of the village.

We moored beside the ornamental pond, next to another motorhome.

The weather was so beautiful, we could set up chairs and table outside for afternoon tea.

I woke at dawn on the first morning and looked out to see a pair of Canada geese 'dancing' on the pond.

Close-up of rabbit

The site was home to many rabbits, which Ron studiously ignored. He was so well-behaved, he came immediately to MWNN's call after seeing a cat hunting on the bank of the pond.

Great Steeping Church

We spent the first day pottering about, exploring the site (there were fishing lakes in the next field) and ended the day with a walk through the village. There were no shops and the nearest 'Eating House' was three miles away (another disadvantage of the motorhome).