Monday, 6 May 2013

Down on the Farm

Our first night away was spent on a small site near Lincoln.

Some of these chooks were in danger of ending up in the pot. They settled down underneath the van while I spoke to our landlord.

Our landlord provided us with some wonderful, golden-yolked  free-range eggs that had been laid that morning.

We also bought some well-hung Limosin filet steaks.

MWNN spoke to the other 'tenant' on site - a touring-caravan owner who advised against taking the motorhome into Lincoln.

The main disadvantage of our hired van was that it was very difficult to find parking space big enough when we stopped to shop at the supermarket, and, later in the week, when we pulled in for a pub lunch.

There was very little floor space so we had to put Ron's crate underneath the table (restricting legroom) or up on the dining bunk (reducing seating space).