Wednesday, 8 May 2013

That walk

On the final day in Great Steeping,  MWNN and I took Ron for a walk. We headed towards what we  thought was the junction of Lady Wath's Beck  and the River Steeping (Lymn). It soon became clear that we had taken the wrong track out of the camp site.

After ploughing round the edge of the fields alongside the Beck, we veered away from the water and came to a main road. Across the Road was the RAF Spilsby War Memorial.

There was a moving tribute to the crew of a Lancaster bomber shot down in April 1944

Having made this fortunate mistake of walking in the opposite direction to our proposed walk, we re-traced our steps and began the three mile walk to Little Steeping.

Our first stop was the medieval church of All Saints, a gift to the Parish from William of Gaunt.

The peaceful churchyard offered a bench on which to sit and rest before moving on to our destination. The fields were full of sheep with their lambs, testimony to the very late Spring this year.

Another two miles along Lady Wath's Beck, brought us to the confluence of the two waterways and a view of St Andrews', Little Steeping.

Our way across the River Steeping was via a series of footbridges, and then running the gauntlet of a large flock of sheep with their lambs (very good training for Ron-the-sheep-chaser-of-old).

As always, the route home seemed much shorter than the outward journey even allowing MWNN to retrieve his Raybans from the bench in All Saints' Churchyard

Then we headed back home, footsore and tired, for a well deserved afternoon tea.