Thursday, 15 November 2012

The sea

has a heart of stone.

Stone Heart

Baby seal stone

The action of wind, water, and sand has a remarkable effect on the pebbles on the beach. Some are worked into shapes that resemble living things.

Our haul of stones, shells and other beach-combing finds is growing.

Tuesday's collection
 Tuesday's collection contained some real beauties. Shells with an interior 'shelf' of mother of perl, shrimp-pink pebbles and blood-red sandstone ones. Hagstones with tiny chips of stone inside the hole - evidence of the way the stone had been worked by waves grinding the chip into the rock and working the hole right through.

One hag-stone was just the right size to make into a pendant (for warding off more evil black clouds?)

The hag stone pendant seems to have worked its magic again. The forecasted cloudy day on Wednesday turned out to be a foggy start followed by sun with a late return of mist and cloud late afternoon.

Shells, including crab and claw

Wednesday also resulted in a fine stash of shells and a few more pebbles and hag stones.

It was so mild on Wednesday, we all had ice-cream on the pier

Today has also started well. Early mist burning off and blue 360degree skies. It's meant to be dark clouds but who's compaining.