Wednesday, 14 November 2012

It must be the hag stones

Yesterday (Tuesday) was a beautiful day. We spent the whole of it on the beach and the pier.

Morning latte (and tea)  with great views

After a productive morning's beach walk, during which we found some of those elusive hag stones, we had morning refreshments on the pier.

MWNN and I were so warm that we removed our coats before sitting outside the Boardwalk Restaurant  for morning refreshments.

Hag stones and pebbles

Another spell of beach-combing followed. More hag stones found. Ron was put into his travelling crate for a nap and we headed back to the Boardwalk Restaurant for lunch. It was still sunny and mild but we opted for an inside table as we were having a meal from the hot menu.

MWNN chose smoked haddock chowder - very creamy and light - with what he described as 'half a loaf' of granary bread. Having had a slightly disappointing fish and chip lunch at the Harbour Inn last week, I opted (for research purposes) for beer-battered (Adnams of course) haddock and chips - very light batter, chunky moist haddock, lovely fresh garden peas.

By the time we'd finished lunch, the wind had picked up and the bank of cloud that had drifted slowly out to sea without touching Southwold as forecast, was joined by another more ominous one. It was still sunny, but no longer mild, and the sun was dipping low for an estimated 4pm sunset.

Shady Prom, sunny beach
Our third walk began on the Promenade, but that was in full shade because of the low sun, so we moved onto the beach for the final beach-combing session of the day.

We turned sooner than planned as, without overtrousers, I was getting chilled.

Ron snuggled into his crate again and MWNN and I had afternoon tea with Victoria sponge at an inside table in the Boardwalk.

It was a real bonus of a day. I can't help but think that the finding of the hag stones was not unconnected with the forecasted lunchtime cloud bank drifting slowly out to sea. I wonder if today's (Wednesday's) dull forecast will be proved wrong?