Friday, 16 November 2012

Southwold weather

has been so kind to us for the past two weeks.

15 November 2012, temperature c15°
Our final full day was, once again, spent on the beach.

The sea had made some remarkable patterns in the shingle, piling it high against the breakwater, and totally covering some of the posts.

Wave patterns in the shingle

The sand has also completely buried some of the steps down from the Promenade. On Wednesday evening, we met a young female Council Worker who was measuring just how high the sand was at various points along the Prom.

Long winter-sun shadows
Even though the sun was low, it  was so warm on Thurday that we were driven indoors to eat lunch as we were both getting sunburnt at 'our table' on the Pier. Neither of us had donned our over-trousers and were already carrying our coats and cardigans and were down to just shirt-sleeves. Ice-cream was being consumed at numerous tables along the pier.

MWNN beachcombing

After lunch, the cloud began to roll in but it was still too warm for thermal clothing. We took our final walk, beachcombing alond the shore-line as we took a break from chucking the ball for Ron.

Ron gets impatient after a while if we are static for too long. Here he is waiting patiently for another game of chase.

Total concentration on MWNN who is holding the Mr Stick, the ball-chucker.

 This has been a totally relaxing two weeks, partly because there have been no long journeys to visit other places. There is nothing we'd rather do than walk the beach. No matter what the weather, the light out here is amazing - a painter's and photographer's paradise.

Clouds roll across the sun, late afternoon

I'm sad it's over but it is time to go home. I have a pile of shells and stones to keep me busy for a few weeks (at least three hag stones and one mother-of-pearl shell will make lovely pendants), and some fabulous new yarn to keep me knitting well into the New Year.