Tuesday, 13 November 2012

First grey day

of the holiday.

But at least it stayed fine in the morning. Walked our usual stretch of beach and did some serious beach-combing. I was loking for red/pink pebbles which are much more plentiful this year. Also searching for hag stones but found none.

Ron on the pier
The car was parked near the pier Ron and I sat for a while with my pebble stash, waiting patiently for MWNN to catch up with us.

 Ron really  enjoys beaches.  He did a good deal of beach-combing himself,  driftwood and charcoal being his prefered quarry.

Pebbles, pink and red


Afternoon nap time

We bought the makings of lunch and afternoon tea at The Black Olive. A tall, individual apple and blackcurrant pie for me and a chocolate tart for MWNN.