Thursday, 8 November 2012

Another great day

Time for morning tea on the pier

The forecast was for early morning sun, then cloud rolling in at about 9am. The reality was that there was no rolling, clouds or anything else.

We spent the early part of the morning covering our usual walk, from pier to the end of the beach huts near the entrance to the harbour and back.

Morning tea and toasted teacake was taken outside the pier cafe.

Heading North

After tea, we walked north from the pier, another hour in brilliant sunshine, plus a spot of beach-combing

We had lunch in the Red Lion (Adnams) Pub while Ron snoozed under his fleece in the car. After a lovely fish pie for MWNN and steak and kidney pie (kidneys shared with the neighbouring table's small, Portugese Podengo terrier, Lilly, and, later, Ron) for me, we headed towards the harbour end of town and parked the car overlooking the entrance.

We finally got to try out the packashack. The sun was out all day but, in the afternoon, the wind picked up and, as the sun began to dip, it turned bitterly cold. We set up the shack and used it as a windbreak overlooking the River Blyth at the entrance to the Harbour.

Packashack in action

Next time, I must remember to pack the tea flasks as we had to pack up before we were ready to leave the beach and head into town for an afternoon cuppa.

A whole day at the beach - it doesn't get much better than this.