Saturday, 22 September 2012

Taking it easy on the last day

 of the holiday with a return trip to the North Beach area and a tour of St Mary's Church.

St Mary's, Tenby

Main altar

St Mary's is a lovely church, well maintained and interesting.

I remembered the video camera this time and took some footage inside. They will have to wait until we are home before I can process and edit them into one complete video of the interior.

Robert Recorde was born in Tenby.

The church contains a memorial to his achievements in mathematics and medicine.

Tenby Harbour from our lunch bench

We had an early lunch of fish and chips on a bench overlooking the harbour, watching the tide roll out. Lunch began in a light drizzle but it soon cleared.

A young lunch guest

During lunch, we had 'guests' of whom Ron did not approve. I have a video of MWNN feeding the gulls.

After lunch, we toured the streets of the North Beach, bought a few souveniers and the makings of a cream tea beside the five arches before heading to South Beach to drink our tea.

Our final walk and play on South Beach proved quite exciting. I managed to capture the event involving a blond, a bikini, and a bottle of champagne, on video but that too will have to wait until another day until I can process and edit it.