Sunday, 23 September 2012

IronmanWales was an amazing event

this was - words fail me.

Tenby South Beach Tuesday 18th
The water on Tenby South beach was too cold for us to do more than paddle to ankle-level despite the glorious sunshine on Tuesday. On Friday, the weather was similar to Sunday for the IronmanWales event.

Friday 21st, North Beach weather, cold, grey, drizzle

On Sunday 17th, over 1500 athletes entered the freezing cold Atlantic Ocean on Tenby's North Beach. On Friday 21st, we witnessed this strange event in the waters off Tenby's South Beach. Ron even got in on the act.

Mind over matter? I haven't a clue but the girl in the bikini showed no sign of hypothermia when she came out of the water and even stopped to play with Ron before heading for the (very small) towel waiting for her in the hands of her female companion. The male photographer was a random 'passer-by' who reached for his camera like I did when he realised what was going to happen. Neither of us was fast enough to capture the blond stripping off to her bikini and heading for the water.