Tuesday, 25 September 2012

No matter what the weather

or the time of year, I love being beside the sea. We were very lucky with the weather once again for our visit to Tenby. The forecast had been for a cold, damp, cloudy week, but we had only two days like that. The remainer of the week was sunny - perfect English autumn weather (except we were in Wales, of course).

Tenby South beach - Tuesday 18th September 2012
But I digress, back to the seaside theme. The sound of the waves and the wind has a music all of its own, but, somehow, Fleetwood Mac's Albatross captures the motion in a way no other man-made music can. This is Tenby's South Beach on a cold, damp, late September day, 2012.

Ron loves the beach for other reasons - the main one being 'searchin' for things, especially his ball.
"Gonna find her"
"Well, now, if I have to swim a river
You know I will
And a if I have to climb a mountain
You know I will
And a if she's a hiding up
On a blueberry hill
Am I gonna find her, child
You know I will
'Cause I've been searchin'
Oh, yeah, searchin'
My goodness, searchin' every which a-way
Yeah, yeah
But I'm like the Northwest Mounties
You know I'll bring her in some day
."  ~ Searchin' by The Coasters