Monday, 24 September 2012

It's all about Tarts


I responded to Nature's Finest competition challenge about what makes a good pie and won a copy of Tart it Up, by Eric Lanlard. It's a hefty, heavy, hardback book, full of srunning pictures and step-by-step instructions of how to make amazing pies.

I'm not sure that this is the right sort of cook book for me at the moment. I'm bound to be gaining weight until I can get back to normal activity levels. Pies and pastries are more suited to Ironman athletes not creaky people moving slowly and using walking sticks.

Ram's horn stick found in Pembrokeshire

Speaking of walking sticks, MWNN found a beautiful ram's horn stick hanging on a tree at one of the places we visited in Wales. It was there when we arrived and still there as we were leaving. Someone had obviously left it behind and it been hung on a tree to make it more visible to its owner. MWNN has emailed the National Trust to let them know we are taking care of it until its owner returns looking for it.