Wednesday, 11 April 2012

The wisdom of the Yarn Harlot

the initial sweating, staring and swearing phase

"It looks like fun. I  wish I had time to knit, but I'm just too busy." How did doing something productive become a symbol of having idle time, while being idle is seen as having no time? What's driving that perception, and am I the only one who is confused by it?"

"Knitting looks relaxing (at least once you're past the initial sweating, staring and swearing phase). It looks peaceful, restful, pleasant, and calming, and you know what? It is all of those things. A whole lot of knitters (myself included) knit because it makes us better people."

"When we sit there, knitting away, we're having a grand time, and while we know it's an intricate activity that's great for our brains, to the uninitiated it may not look like we're doing much.  Well not much except, at its best, a complex, repetetive, visual spacial task that develops hand-eye co-oridination, enhances neural connectivity, and uses both hemispheres of the brain at once." ~ Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, All Wound Up