Tuesday, 10 April 2012

New projects

Mock-up of canopy in place on its frame, fabric cut to size.
The beginning of a new project that involves the use of the sewing machine is always a bit scarey.

First there's the re-learning of how to thread the needle and re-load the bottom bobbin with the correct colour thread.

Easter Monday was wet and very cold - just the excuse needed for working on an indoor project. MWNN and I put up the boat's stern canopy frame in the conservatory and set about the second scarey-sewing thing of cutting the canopy material to size and laying it out for marking the placing of the fastenings.
First seam-tape and ties stitched in place.

Third on the scarey-sewing list is marking and pinning stuff together for sewing. I had even more difficulty with the latter part of this because MWNN decided there was to be no use of pins - sticky tape would have to do. Can you imagine working with a sewing machine on a huge piece of fabric that has seam-tape loosely stuck-on (in places) with sellotape. Pins are my friend when attempting straight seams

I'm quite pleased with how the first part of the canopy project (stitching seam tape and ties in place to fasten the material to the bars of the frame) is progressing - even allowing 'time-out' to add more thread to the bottom bobbin and persuade it to thread correctly again.