Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Never too old to learn

Socks in Posh Sylvia 4ply
Today is Tuesday so it must be time to pull on Tuesday's 'Gentleman's Agreement' socks.

I'm usually quite sanguine about having to 'rip back' knitting when I discover mistakes. Tuesday's socks (for the Posh Sock Challenge 2012) were almost my nemesis.

I'd completed sock one and confidently cast on sock two and settled down to play 'catch up' with Bones.  After 18 pattern repeats I measured the leg and compared it with sock one. Sock two was two inches shorter. It was then that I noticed that sock two didn't have two inch cuff of ribbing (worked at the beginning of the pattern). There was only one thing I could do - rip it out (all seven inches) and start again.

Deep breath.

What a waste of time and effort. But there was a lesson to be learned. It is possible to be over-confident when doing something one has done many times before. Each project, no matter how familiar, requires the same concentration as when it was first undertaken.

Lesson learned - Check pattern at each stage, use row counter (even on  basic rows of ribbing), and measure each stage against a previously-worked item.