Monday, 27 February 2012

Another great day

Furry fun and frolics

The weather on Sunday morning was glorious - like late Spring. It was very warm in the sunshine and no chill breeze to cool things down.

It being Sunday morning, the beach was teeming with dog walkers, families with children, and retired couples. There were games of beach cricket, burying in the sand, and digging to Australia - as I remember from childhood - and not a kiss-me-quick stall anywhere in sight. Many families had opened up their beach huts early before the season has really got under way later in the year.

Ron had a great time meeting other dogs, especially the one in the composite picture above who greeted him nicely before tearing off for a mad game of chase. Southwold is a very dog-friendly town. We were allowed to take Ron  into the cafe on the pier on Friday evening, much to our surprise.

After a long walk, we decided to get the folding chairs out of the car and sit and have a morning cuppa before going back to the cottage and heading off to a friend's house for lunch. The Gun Hill cafe was doing a roaring trade in lattes, hot chocolate, and bacon butties but we made do with a coffee, tea and biscuits.

In the afternoon, we had a leisurely lunch with MWNN's successor at QE (recently retired himself) in a village near Framlingham to which he and his wife had moved on retirement.