Tuesday, 28 February 2012


The last house

Coastal and physical. First the coastal.

We walked the North Beach at Southwold on Monday, past the warning signs and across the coastal defences rocks towards the last remaining house on the cliff top. Locals have told us that it's cheaper to have a house demolished and removed before it falls into the sea because the law states that you have to clean up the beach of any debris that falls onto it.

As we approached the house pictured abiove, we saw a large digger working on the beach - no doubt clearing the previous victim of erosion.

I am not a number, I am a free man Ron

At the beginning of the walk, we came across this large sphere. We speculated what it might be - Ron and I are adamant we were in 'The Prisoner' Verse.

I'm certain that Ron likes the freedom of beaches. He loves the wide open space where he can 'escape' from danger should he need to avoid huge dogs or intimidating spheres.

Onto the physical (erosion)

I was feeling confident about striding out on our walks as I was wearing my stout, waterproof, walking boots. It came as a complete shock when I turned my ankle (yes the much-damaged one) on our return, an uneven bit of car park, not five metres from the car. There would be no walking in the afternoon for me. I'd hoped to take the ferry across to Walberswick for lunch at The Bell before strolling on Walberswick beach, but we made do with lunch at the 'sister pub', The Harbour Inn,  at Southwold Harbour.

We returned to the cottage where I lay on the sofa for a while and then retired to bed at abut 3.30pm. I slept until after 9am this morning. MWNN has taken Ron for a walk. I may join him on a non-walking expedition this afternoon, depending on how the ankle is recovereing. At the moment it feels as though I've been kicked by a horse, right on the bone, but at least it will bear weight today.

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