Sunday, 26 February 2012

First beach walk

Ron loves beach walks

was in glorious sunshine. There was a chill breeze blowing so hats and layers were required.

We had a really long walk from the harbour entrance to the beginning of the beach huts. We'd bought picnic pies from the local butcher and had tea flasks at the ready should the weatherr hold until lunchtime. It didn't. We arrived back at the car just as the clouds rolled in from the West and headed for home.

There was  time for a quick lunch before the Ireland/Italy kick-off. MWNN settled down on the TV sofa (there are two sofas in the lounge) to watch the afternoon's scheduled games.

Ron snored beside me on the second sofa where I wrestled again with the videos shot on the morning's beach walk. I'm using the ten-year-old laptop as there is a problem with the Vostro's screen. Although the old Inspiron was bought with additional graphics capabilities, it's been surpassed by modern technology and doesn't cope too well uploading videos or even processing a lot of photos.

Still can't edit and have no tripod - hence the wobbly camera work. MWNN and Ron beachcombing. Ron doesn't like the video camera. He thinks my time is much better used in playing with him - note the 'stop messing about with that and come play with me' bark at the end.

Great start to the holiday. Looking forward to more beach walks and, perhaps, finishing Tuesday's socks or the new silk shawl I started before we left home.