Monday, 12 December 2011

... and I didn't sing

'most highly flavoured gravy' once.

Christmas Wall hanging

Having opted out of Singing Aloud's Christmas Concert, I consoled myself with the idea that I woulde be able to manage three or four carols at Christchurch's Christmas Concert. I dosed up on the blue inhaler and arrived at the church for a 6.45pm 'run through' with a much reduced choir. We discovered that we were the final act, right at the end of the second half of the concert so decided we wouldn't reherse until the interval.

Talk to the Hand

The first half of the concert was dominated by children and young people, some performing solo, some in groups. There was a lovely homely feel to this half with the youngsters playing and singing as confidently as if they were in front of an audience of family members.

My favourite was a lively group with a great sense of humour.Talk to the Hand is a group of puppeteers who performed "Party in the Sky Today" by Mark Bradford (based on a song  by Myley Cyrus).

Despite a couple of exits for a good cough and more inhaler, I made it through to the Interval. We had a rapid reherse of our three carols (Ding Dong Merrily, Silent Night, The Angel Gabriel), and had time for a welcome hot cuppa before the second half began. The butterflies started and the adrenalin kicked in good and hard as the act that preceded us finished. We sang really well, made no mistakes, and I didn't sing 'most highly flavoured gravy' once during our final carol "The Angel Gabriel' (link to mp3)