Thursday, 22 September 2011


delivered bang on time on Tuesday afternoon.

The driver carried the bags into the kitchen and explained the colour-coding on the bags. Fridge stuff in the bags with raspberry flavoured coloured handles was deliciously chilled,including three bottles of Dayelsford Organic Sparkling Apple Juice. The bottles were on special offer, hence the purchase of three.

I felt very special, too, when I read the label on the fresh tuna I'd ordered; it was 'hand prepared by the fishmonger for me', by name.ow much

I like this way of shopping. Did I mention how much I dislike shopping? 

I had a large glass with my chicken dinner - not too sweet and tasting very like Normandy cider (but without the alcohol). It's bottled in the French style too - champagne cork giving an authentic 'pop' when opened. It does leave the problem of having to re-cork amd pump the bottle to preserve the sparkle - not as efficient as a screw cap but it makes the drink that little bit special.

I had another glass with a tuna salad last night. The conservatory was lovely and warm so I ate my  dinner watching news 24 on the laptop.