Monday, 1 August 2011

I have new specs

Dunelm Retro 220

From Boots Optician. Finally, the Retro range has been introduced and I have a pair that is very close to the type of frame I had when I first began wearing them in 1976. They're by Dunelm (Retro, model no. 220) and are really comfortable.

Once again, my distance prescription had changed (for the better (I no longer use specs to watch TV). My reading prescription has also changed (getting more long-sighted with age), so I was a bit miffed that Boots has discontinued the frame I had last year ( a Boots' own-brand). The lenses in the new Retro are slightly smaller, not to mention being twice the price of the old frames. But I got a new pair of 'readers' with cool magnetic 'clip-on' sunshades thrown in for the price so I'm fairly satisfied.