Tuesday, 2 August 2011

It is up to you to be wise

On Sunday, I made the decision not to attend an event of which I was a founder member in 2006. It was a painful decision and, even though I know it was the wise thing to do, I'm still experiencing guilt feelings.

These excerpts from an article I found shortly after e-mailing this year's Chair made me feel a little better.

"The loss of group membership is a fundamental change in the life of the chronically ill individual," writes Dr. Douglas Wiegand, in Struck Down But Not Destroyed. "Every role that you are expected to fulfill must be rethought or renegotiated." 

Set Your Priorities Straight. We will never be at peace if we are trying to please our friends. 

Tell Yourself to Cease Comparing Yourself to Others. You know what your best is for each and every day. If you feel like having a cup of coffee that isn't decaf and (heaven forbid!) a scone to accompany it, you really don't owe your friend an explanation. You know your illness, your body, and its limitations and it's up to you to be wise in what you expose it to and shelter it from.