Friday, 23 July 2010

Lovely skirt

Last year, I bought a beautiful tourquoise (much lighter than this picture suggests) linen-mix skirt from EWM (Edinborough Woolen Mill). It hasn't been worn since then and I have lost some weight since I bought it.

I tried it on before we went away and the waist was hanging down over my hips. As I lost a little more weight while we were in France, I decided to buy a replacement in a smaller size. Luckily, my local EWM shop had just one size 10 remaining in their sale. It fits quite nicely and I love the drape of the skirt.

I was tempted by the 50% Sale prices and also purchased 3 seersucker blouses; one in a very pretty print that picks up the colour of the skirt very well.

So, if anyone attending WriterConUK's Midimeet would like a size 12 linen-mix skirt that has never been worn, let me know and I'll bring it along with me.