Thursday, 22 July 2010

Sillery syllabub

 Following on from yesterday's post, who woulda thunk Sillery was famous for champagne and syllabubs? Or that Sillery was once the name of the sparkling wine from the Champagne Region?

It's such a charming little town and yet doesn't even have postcards for sale in the Presse/Tabac. I might send this picture to the Halte Nautique  for them to use on postcards if they wish.

I bought some of the local Champagne house's champagne in the supermarket at Sillery. Fresnet-Baudot is not my favourite type of champagne, having a larger % of pinot noir grape than chardonnay.

My favourite is blanc de blancs, which is 100% chardonnay grape.  N. Poti√©, in Conde sur Marne, a hard day's cruise (about 25 minutes by car) from Sillery, makes a rather lovely blanc de blancs, a bottle of which is resting in the larder, waiting for an appropriate event.