Sunday, 25 July 2010

Bluebell Wood Scarf

I love this pattern. Having cracked how to work out the number of increase and straight sections to work without running out of yarn, it's a delight to knit. Especially as both completed versions to date have been worked in yarn from the Posh Cashmere Club.

The first version was Wild Mountain Thyme, done in variegated colours that echoed those of the mountains with their wild flowers in bloom. Much as I loved that scarf, it wasn't 'me' and it made a perfect 60th birthday present for a friend.

This second version is my colour. Bluebell Wood is in almost-solid blue, with hints of purple and darker blues throughout immitating the lovely colours of the Bluebell Wood after which the colourway was named. The leaf-edge motif looks complicated but it's just a straightforward 16-row repeat.

I'd started knitting this on the boat, after I'd finished my Miss Marple Shawl, in the first two cool weeks of the cruise. I picked it up again yesterday and completed the last 4 'decrease' sections last night.